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  • Estonia Has Amended Its Commercial Code

    Mar 04, 2018   

    The Commercial Code was established in late 1995 to provide umbrella legislation for the myriad international treaties Estonia has with several countries. More specifically, the Code defines...

  • Corporate Governance Reform in the UK

    Nov 10, 2017   

    The government of UK has issued a response document regarding Green Paper consultation on 29 August, 2017. The proposal is specifically published to strengthen the existing architecture of listed...

  • New German Anti-Money Laundering Law

    Apr 14, 2017   

    Money laundering and terrorism are the two main areas that are becoming a challenge for German government which is why, on 22nd February 2017, the German Federal Government Cabinet and Terrorism...

  • Swiss Reject Corporate Tax Reforms

    Feb 21, 2017   

    Switzerland’s efforts to revamp its corporate tax system have suffered a setback after voters conclusively rebuffed reforms to bring the country’s strategies on par with global expectations. The...

  • UBO's in Russia

    Jan 23, 2017   

    As of the 21st of December 2016, Federal Law mandates that all subsidiaries in Russia must gather and maintain information about their ultimate beneficial owners (UBO’s). An UBO describes a person...

  • Representative Office in Egypt

    Dec 17, 2016   

    As regulated by Article 316 of Egyptian Company Law, representative offices of multinational corporations in Egypt might be registered to research the Egyptian marketplace and inspect the potential...

  • Online FIE filing in China

    Nov 09, 2016   

    As of October 1st, foreign-invested enterprises (FIE) who want to conduct business in China don’t have to obtain approval from the government, and can instead go through an online filing process.

  • New Companies Act in Malaysia

    Sep 20, 2016   

    Without question, the new Companies Act will modify Malaysia’s landscape of corporate culture. The alterations are intended to incite entrepreneurship, making the corporate platform more alluring...

  • Six Global Compliance Misconceptions

    Aug 15, 2016   

    For multinational corporations ignorance about global compliance can be costly. It can also open the door for repeated mistakes. Let’s take a moment to separate six global compliance facts from...

  • "PSC Register" in UK

    Apr 25, 2016   

    According to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, all UK companies, not including publicly traded companies, must have a register of people who have major control within the company.

  • UAE Events Affecting Subsidiaries

    Mar 02, 2016   

    Last year witnessed a tremendous amount of change for multinational companies operating subsidiaries in the UAE. Below are some events taking place this year that we are red-flagging that may affect

  • BVI Business Companies Act 2015

    Jan 11, 2016   

    The BVA Business Companies Act came into effect in 2004 and was designed to make the British Virgin Islands more attractive as an offshore financial centre. This act aimed to expand any and all busines

  • New Dutch legislation

    Nov 09, 2015   

    There is a new Dutch Legislation on the filing of annual accounts that was passed recently introduced. The Bill, passed by the Dutch Parliament last September 30, 2015, would mean the EU directive 2013

  • Audit Requirements in Singapore

    Sep 07, 2015   

    Recently, key changes were made to the Companies Act 2014, introducing new criteria that now determines what qualifies a small business for audit exemption. The new small company qualifications are be

  • Corporate Housekeeping in Switzerland

    July 01, 2015   

    As of July 1 2015 there will be more restrictive measures put in place to try to offset money laundering activities using Swiss held accounts. There are set to be new regulations about reporting

  • New CLL in United Arab Emirates

    June 08, 2015   

    The purpose of the Federal Law No. 2, also known as the New CLL (New Commercial Companies Law,) is to provide a legal and lawful expansion of the UAE’s development into a global market. This includes

  • The SBEE Act 2015

    May 21, 2015   

    The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment (SBEE) Act 2015 went into effect in the UK on March 26th of 2015. This act means big changes for corporations in the UK. Namely in the areas of

  • Changes to the Spanish Corporate Act

    Apr 09, 2015   

    On December 3, 2014, Spain went ahead and amended the full terms of the Spanish Corporate Act. Determined as “Law 31/2014”, which will primarily deal with board meetings and shareholder operations,

  • Singapore Defers Effective Dates

    Mar 10, 2015   

    The original date that the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is making the changes to the Companies Act and Business Names Registration Act effective is being deferred. With the deferment,

  • Irish Companies Bill

    Dec 21, 2014   

    Recently, a new bill known as the Companies Bill was passed by legislatures in Ireland. For businesses who are looking to start a company in Ireland, this hefty bill brings about lots of changes. It

  • Liability UK Holding Company Directors

    Nov 06, 2014   

    Recently, the Court of Appeal has placed consideration regarding the issue of a UK holding company director who was held liable by one of its subsidiaries for fiduciary duties breach. This happened...

  • Overhaul of Singapore Companies Act

    Oct 13, 2014   

    The Singaporean Parliament passed an overhaul of the Companies Act, which governs how businesses are conducted in the country. It was the largest overhaul of the Act since it was enacted in 1967...

  • Changes to the Companies Act 2006

    Oct 01, 2014   

    The evolution of laws takes place over time through the proposition of different Bills, rife with suggestions and changes that legislators feel are necessary to improve the current methods and means...

  • Reforms to Russian Civil Code

    Aug 14, 2014   

    Countries across the globe are continuously making substantial changes to their trading laws to facilitate higher levels of competitiveness and ensure increased compliance. Chapter 4 of Civil Code...

  • New Zealand Amendment Bill

    Aug 08, 2014   

    Last June 24, 2014, the Limited Partnerships Amendment Act (No 2) 2014 and the Companies Amendment Act (No 4) 2014 were passed into law. The amendments will be implemented around June 2015...

  • Rise of Micro and Mini Multinationals.

    Aug 07, 2014   

    Global economic recession has had far reaching implications on trading especially due to the fact that multinationals have been the most affected. Recent years have witnessed an interesting turn...

  • Launch of New Corporate Website.

    Aug 01, 2014   

    THINK is proud to launch its new web platform. Feel free to explore our new corporate website as we continue to provide quality services to our clients and help them access information they need ...

  • New Indian Companies Act.

    Apr 15, 2014   

    After being approved by Lok Sabha on 18th December 2012 and Rajya Sabha on 8th August, 2013, the widely anticipated Companies Act of 2013 came into force. The new legislation introduces changes to ...